Thank you for your interest in my philosophy work. I hold a Lise-Meitner research grant from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), based at the University of Innsbruck.
My current research focuses on the epistemic and other norms associated with religious faith.
I argue that the beliefs associated with faith should be evidence-proportioned,
and that this follows from commitments which religious believers themselves ought to endorse about relationship with God. Far from demanding a trust that goes beyond our evidence, ideal faith comes with evidence-proportioned beliefs about the trusted person --
including when this person is God. A consequence is that, from the viewpoint of faith itself,
it is sometimes better to disbelieve than to believe.
To make this argument I draw on the moral psychology of love and trust. I also spell out the policy for evidence-proportioning I have in mind, in conversation with cutting-edge epistemology as well as cognitive psychology, including the psychology of bias.

You can find my philosophy page here.